Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Math Update! Grade 1

Hello and Happy New Year Everyone!

The students and I were both very glad to be back at school last week. This week we continue our exploration and study of geometry. Students have been working very hard to recognize, name and connect shapes. Last week we began exploring different ways to sort shapes with a game called "Guess My Rule". Students would be shown two or three shapes with some kind of geometric similarity and they would have to deduce what the connection could possibly be.

We introduced the word vertices and discussed noticing how many sides a shape has as well as how they can be manipulated to create different shapes. Students came up with a variety of observations and rules that they worked to represent on posters that they produced in partnerships and later presented their thinking to the class. This resulted in a great math talk amongst students, both in noticing new thinking as well as thinking that was the same.

Enjoy our clips of the "Guess My Rule" sharing!

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